Bridges, Design BuildGarden Creek Bridge
Owner : Virginia Department of Transportation
Location : Saluda, VA

The Garden Creek Bridge Project was one of VDOT’s first Design Build projects of this size. Virginia chose this method of procurement because of the limited access conditions surrounding the project and the requirement for keeping the road open to the homeowners on the island.Wetland preserves were adjacent to both sides of the Project prohibiting realignment of the roadway and new structure.
The submitted proposals were evaluated on a combination of technical approach, long term road closures and price.

The basis of award was 30% technical, 70% price plus a $1,000 per each for long term closures.

McLean, assisted by Greenhorn & O’Mara, developed a proposal to erect a new structure parallel to the existing structure on temporary falsework. Once completed, with the exception of deck grooving and striping, the existing structure would be removed and the new structure would be rolled into place during a 6 hour road closure. The new structure was designed so that the footings were constructed outside the existing roadway thereby eliminating any long term closures to the existing bridge.

The design/build team of McLean/Greenhorn & O’Mara submitted the best combinations of technical and price proposals. The proposal included no long term closures.

The team was issued a Notice to Proceed for the project on October 20, 2006 with a completion date of August 20, 2007.

This project as completed on time, within VDOT’s budget and with no long term closures. The final result was a successful project for all stakeholders, McLean/Greenhorn & O’Mara, VDOT and the impacted homeowners.

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