Environmental, Health and Safety Commitment

Our belief is that safety quality and production are the key principals to our culture. In addition, all three of these principles are of
equal standing and they depend upon one another on every project that we perform.

Each individual employed by McLean Contracting is a valued member of our company and is important to our success
as an organization. Safety is the responsibility of every team member and must be demonstrated continually to help
us strive for an incident free workplace . This journey cannot begin unless we all make a commitment to the success
of our Environmental, Health and Safety program and our safety culture. Our employees and their families rely on
this commitment and there can be no compromise.

Our Safety Excellence Commitments are:

  • We are responsible for our own safety and the safety of others
  • We are committed to an incident and injury free workplace
  • We acknowledge that people are fallible and that even the best of us make mistakes
  • We will actively anticipate and communicate unsafe situations and failed defenses
  • We will not perform or permit an unsafe act- we have the responsibility and authority to stop work
  • We will resist the pressures to lower our safety and quality standards due to schedule or budget
  • We will consistently hold ourselves and our team accountable for their actions
  • We will not start a task until it has been planned by the project team including the Superintendent, Safety Coordinator, and Foreman
  • We will pick the right people for the task
  • We will take the time to develop our team by setting clear expectations, offering positive feedback and providing effective training.
  • If a changed condition occurs, we must be willing to stop the task and get the project team involved to reduce
    the risk related to the changed condition and eliminate the potential for anyone to be injured

Although strong safety performance begins with the organization, it is actually carried out by each individual. Thus,
every individual’s personal safety commitment can dramatically affect safety outcomes and help to create a safe and
healthy workplace.


“This project was a textbook case for how to plan and deliver effectively”
-Virginia Department of Transportation

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