McLean Contracting Company Acquires Shugart Manufacturing

McLean Contracting Company, a Heavy Civil and Marine Contractor since 1903, announced as of December 30, 2021, McLean has acquired through an Asset Purchase, Shugart Manufacturing. Shugart is engaged in the business of designing and manufacturing sectional barges, barge propulsion units and accessories, screeds, barge ramps, bridge steel, concrete forms, and other miscellaneous equipment and materials for Marine and Construction use. Shugart’s principal place of business is located in Chester County, South Carolina. Shugart has been in operation for over 60 years serving the Construction and Marine sectors as the premiere sectional barge fabricator in the east, with clients throughout North America.


About McLean Contracting Company: McLean Contracting Company is a Heavy Civil and Marine Contractor based in Glen Burnie, MD, with facilities in Chesapeake, VA. Since 1903, McLean has steadily built outstanding projects as well as its outstanding reputation for customer service, living its purpose of Bringing Peace of Mind to Those We Serve. In addition to its focus on Heavy Civil and Marine work, McLean, through its Smith Brothers operating unit, provides bare and chartered marine equipment rentals including barges, sectional barges, tugboats and cranes. McLean also performs signing, lighting, traffic signal and ITS work operating from its Baltimore Yard. Through its terminal operating agreement at Weanack Land Company, at Shirley Plantation on the James River, McLean also performs transloading services and dredge spoils disposal.


Colby Bowers
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“This project was a textbook case for how to plan and deliver effectively”
-Virginia Department of Transportation

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