I-895 Bridges At Patapsco Flats

BridgesI-895 Bridges At Patapsco Flats
Owner : Maryland Transportation Authority
Location : Baltimore, MD

Completed in 2019 for the Maryland Transportation Authority, McLean replaced both superstructures on the I-895 bridge over Patapsco River Flats in Baltimore and Anne Arundel
Counties, Maryland. This award winning project included 1⁄2 mile long bridge superstructure replacement over environmentally sensitive rivers and wetlands; re-use of existing substructure to reduce cost and time; use of grid deck partially filled with all-lightweight concrete to reduce deck weight and improve ride. McLean worked with the Maryland DNR to repurpose the old bridge materials as an artificial reef off Love Point in the Chesapeake Bay.

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Tradepoint Atlantic: In November 2017, McLean was selected by Tradepoint Atlantic to remove 3 inoperative ore unloading cranes located in Sparrows Point, Maryland.

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