Initiative Plant Outfall Diffuser

Specialty servicesInitiative Plant Outfall Diffuser
Owner : Hampton Roads Sanitary District
Location : Norfolk, VA

This HRSD project was for a 650 (+/-) feet extension to the existing outfall at the Lamberts Point Treatment Plant in Norfolk, Virginia.
McLean utilized our regional office and waterfront facility located on the Southern Branch of the Elizabeth River to support and stage this project. We received the sections of new pipe by rail in our Chesapeake yard. From there the sections of pipe were loaded on barges and spliced together. The pipe, piling, pile supports, and other materials were shipped to the jobsite via barge from our yard.
McLean utilized equipment from our fleet of floating cranes, barges, and tugboats to complete this project. After dredging a slot for the pipe installation, we installed timber piles and caps for pipe supports. The new concrete encased steel pipe sections were secured to the timber caps by straps. At the tie-in point with the existing outfall, we set forms underwater and placed underwater tremie concrete closure pour around the connection point.

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Tradepoint Atlantic: In November 2017, McLean was selected by Tradepoint Atlantic to remove 3 inoperative ore unloading cranes located in Sparrows Point, Maryland.

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