Maintenance Dredging for the Pagan River, Hampton & Herberts Creek

Specialty servicesMaintenance Dredging for the Pagan River, Hampton & Herberts Creek
Owner : United States Army Corps of Engineers
Location : Wight County, VA. and Hampton, VA

This US Army Corp of Engineers’ project was for the maintenance. and Hampton and Herberts Creek in Hampton, Va. McLean mechanically dredged 42,678 cubic yards from the Pagan River and 22,800 cubic yards from Hampton and Herberts Creek. The dredged materials were transported by barge to the Craney Island Dredged Material Management Area for disposal. Mclean forces performed both the dredging and disposal.

Key Crossing Reliability Initiative
Port Miami Cruise Terminal H Dredging
Jacksonville Dry Bulk Terminal

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Tradepoint Atlantic: In November 2017, McLean was selected by Tradepoint Atlantic to remove 3 inoperative ore unloading cranes located in Sparrows Point, Maryland.

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