Marginal Bulkhead & Wharf Seagirt Marine Terminal

Piers & BulkheadsMarginal Bulkhead & Wharf Seagirt Marine Terminal
Owner : Maryland Port Administration
Location : Baltimore, MD

This project was for the development of Berth I, II, & III at the Seagirt Marine Terminal for the Maryland Port Administration. This contract was to construct 3450 lf…..

Construct 3,450 L.F. of marginal bulkhead and wharf over existing steel sheet pile cells. Work included crane rails, tie downs, all utilities and paving.
Principal items of work:
18” sq. concrete pile 1,348 ea.
20” sq. concrete pile 1,717 ea.
14 HP 89 steel H-piling 969 ea.
Structure concrete 29,200 c.y.
slabs 2,063 ea.
McLean set up a prestress plant in its Baltimore Yard and manufactured all the prestressed product for the project.
152,000 L.F. 20 in. sq. concrete pile
105,000 L.F. 18 in. sq. concrete pile
262,000 S.F. 10 in. slabs
McLean set up a prestress plant…..

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Tradepoint Atlantic: In November 2017, McLean was selected by Tradepoint Atlantic to remove 3 inoperative ore unloading cranes located in Sparrows Point, Maryland.

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