MD331(Dover Road) Bridge Over the Choptank River

BridgesMD331(Dover Road) Bridge Over the Choptank River
Owner : Maryland State Highway Administration
Location : Talbot County, Maryland

The existing MD 331(Dover Road) Bridge was built in 1932 and is a three span, steel Warren truss bridge with a swing-span and concrete deck that carries two 12-foot lanes. Due to its age, the opening mechanisms of the bridge have been prone to breakdown. Additionally, the bridge is too narrow for modern standards making it functionally obsolete and is nearing the end of its “service life.”

This $48M project features a high-level, fixed-span replacement structure just south of the existing bridge. The new bridge is 2,020 feet long with a 50-foot vertical clearance over the Choptank River for marine traffic. The bridge is founded on 48-inch and 36-inch steel pipe piles with a concrete and steel girder superstructure. A large portion of the bridge was constructed over pristine wetlands utilizing top down construction techniques with a crane and material handling trestle system.

The existing historical swing span bridge will remain at its current location in an open position to allow marine traffic to pass and people to fish from either side of the structure.


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