“We had made a decision to go on a fast track with the selection of firms to do the work; limited to three. There was no question of who was mandatory to be on the list – a firm that has always performed admirably whenever we had called upon them in the past in similar situations-McLean!…Our inspectors were continually impressed with the can-do attitude of all your people who worked on the project from removal of the span to the finishing of the deck. They indicated to me that from the supervisors on down, everyone was top notch. You still continue to impress me with your continued ability to maintain a firm that has remained constant in its responsiveness and quality of workmanship…I have been around a long time, almost 60 years, and your firm’s name was always one mentioned when it came to expertise in the water during critical situations.”
-Jock Freedman, Director, Office of Structures

“McLean produced an on time and quality project, with no lost time accidents, partnering avg. 96% for the project, they performed several projects for the town of Havre de Grace, All work was performed in compliance with the plans and specifications”
-Maryland Transportation Authority

“This project was a textbook case for how to plan and deliver effectively”
-Virginia Department of Transportation

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude for going beyond the call of duty by improving Maryland’s environment and not just disposing it in a landfill.  Performing this on your own accord based on your company’s philosophy to improve the bay for generations to come is very noteworthy”

Maryland Transportation Authority

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people that were part of the temporary bridge construction and approach paving for the Gravel Run Bridge on MD 213.  This task was a great undertaking with a complete road closure and detour and a one weekend time period to accomplish the work.  Not only was the temporary bridge placed, but also the approaches paved, guardrail placed, roadway markings and temporary drainage structures and entrances of adjacent businesses addressed.   The District would like to thank McLean Contracting and David A Bramble Inc. for their outstanding efforts and excellent workmanship in accomplishing this monumental task in the time period of a weekend and delivering a quality product for SHA.  The operation was well organized and planned and you could see a great deal of attention to the job at hand in that all present on the project were actively working to meet this timeline.  Sun up on Monday morning had the roadway open for traffic with a new temporary bridge in place, new HMA approaches, guardrail and end treatments as well as roadway markings placed. 

-Robert C. Tucker, Maryland State Highway Administration


“This project was a textbook case for how to plan and deliver effectively”
-Virginia Department of Transportation

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