The safety of our employees and job sites is and always has been the number one priority at McLean.

Over the years, in concert with OSHA and various state occupational safety agencies, our management team has developed a robust safety program that addresses the risks and hazards associated with our industry, such as working over water or at great heights.  Led by the Director of Safety, our team of jobsite safety representatives are tasked with jobsite safety inspections, policy application and problem solving for the challenges that are presented with each new job.  Job site supervisors participate in daily planning for safety, analysis of means and methods, as well as performance analysis.

All new employees receive a safety indoctrination during which they are trained on all relevant rules and policies.  Every employee is provided with personal protective equipment, such as hardhats and life-vests, as well as any specialty equipment needed for the particular task he is working on.  Many of our employees also receive specialized training, such as confined space or CPR/First Aid training.

While jobsite safety is extremely important, McLean is also focused on other aspects of the health of our employees.  Accordingly, in addition to offering health, dental and vision coverage as part of our benefits package, we have established a smoking cessation program, a program that rewards employees for getting annual physical checkups, and an employee assistance program.

McLean’s philosophy is that every employee is responsible for safety.  We know that employees are our most valuable asset, and their health and wellbeing are our most important aspect of the culture at McLean.

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“This project was a textbook case for how to plan and deliver effectively”
-Virginia Department of Transportation

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