Atlantic Wood Offshore Containment Wall

Piers & BulkheadsAtlantic Wood Offshore Containment Wall
Owner : United States Army Corps of Engineers
Location : Norfolk, VA

This project for the US Army Corp of Engineers was part of an E.P.A cleanup program for a superfund site

Construction of a containment wall for the first phase of the Atlantic Wood Industries Superfund Site Remediation.
Work included construction of a 370-ft long on-shore sheet pile cut off wall, a 130-ft long tied back combination wall and a 1,180-ft long offshore combination wall. The combination walls consist of steel pipe piles and z-shaped sheet piles. A subaqueous concrete fascia wall and mass concrete cap were constructed on the combination wall.
Dredging was completed for access to the work and for installation of sacrificial anodes on the offshore wall.
The jobsite was an E.P.A. superfund site. All operations were monitored and conducted as hazardous operations. All regular site workers were 40 HR Hazwoper Trained.
Project was completed safely with zero accidents and no significant environmental or health hazard events.

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