Rehabilitation of Bridge #2200900 on MD 991 over Wicomico River

BridgesRehabilitation of Bridge #2200900 on MD 991 over Wicomico River
Owner : Maryland State Highway Administration
Location : Salisbury, MD

This project was the rehabilitation of a twin leaf bascule bridge on Main Street over the Wicomico River in Salisbury Maryland. This bridge is on a highly traveled street so time was of the essence for this projects completion.

The scope of work consisted of many structural repairs to the main girders and the replacement of approximately 1200 SF of steel grid deck. Along with the structural repairs many electrical upgrades were done. Such upgrades included new control consoles, motors, gates, etc. The original scope of work was for all repairs, including painting of structure, be done in place. Mclean Contracting offered a Valued Engineering proposal to the owner which involved the complete removal of both leafs which would then be shipped to our facility in Baltimore for rehab. This option was accepted which allowed a more thorough inspection of the repairs being made along with a less invasive painting operation to the general public. The bridge was then returned to site and installed. New approach spans which covered the counterweight pit were set and poured along with some mechanical alignment. Once this work had been completed the project was opened to traffic.

The opening date to traffic specified in the contract was met even with the many additional work requests making it a successful job for the owner.

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